About Us

Sharon McKenzie

Chief Editor & Author

I know it sounds cliche, but I genuinely have a passion for all types of travel - and let's face it, who doesn't enjoy a fun holiday adventure? I've always loved the beach and snorkeling, and to me, some of the best experiences are with the people you get to meet on the journey. 

Back in Christmas 2016, I gave my sons a full face snorkel mask each. Of course, I also had to give them a go. Now these are an innovation, without doubt.

I couldn't get over how much fun these are. There's a lot of cheap and nasty brands on the market, and there's a whole bunch of good ones.

If I can guide people towards the better ones, which in turn means they're going to have a great time and not waste their money on rubbish, then I'm good. Works for me! 

Jace Garcia


When I started my Scuba diving adventures training was still all about Dive watches and diving tables, but dive computers were already starting to appear on the scene. 

I have enjoyed seeing dive computers come down and price while becoming more functional and stylish, reliable and affordable. This won't stop my love of classic dive watches - and who said you can't have both?

The more I research dive computers, the more I admire their designs, functionality, engineering, and workmanship! 

I'm never going to recommend a poor quality product, something that's unsafe or simply doesn't do what it's designed to do.