Here's our pick of some great books, and interesting gift ideas

Top Rated Books

Scuba, Free Divers and Spearos

We have listed the best and most popular books for Scuba divers, Free Divers, Spear Fishermen and any one who loves water activities.

The books on our lists are continually updated so make sure you return to keep up with the latest and hottest trends. 

Freediving Books

Free Diving 

Some of the best selling and most informative books on free diving techniques have made our list.

Spearfishing with Suunto D6i Novo Black Stealth Zulu


There's always something interesting happening in the spear diving world. Some topics covered include insider tips and spearfishing techniques. 

Scuba Diving in Iceland

Scuba Books

Some of the topics covered in these Best Rated books include Scuba history, diver safety and insider tips, deep water diving, wreck and cave diving.

There's also the most beautiful coffee table books that are perfect for gifts. 

Gift Ideas


Best Scuba and Free Diving Apps

Gift Ideas for Scuba Divers

You may not find 'the perfect' gift' on our list, but there are plenty of ideas to give you inspiration. 

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