Buley & Florence - Litchfield

You can knock yourself out seeing all that Litchfield has to offer, or you can stop at one or two of the best swimming holes and really enjoy these.

There's a lot of focus on Kakadu, but Litchfield is the next best thing. It has beautiful waterfalls and swimming holes.

If you planning on camping overnight then definitely take your time to see Litchfield. If you're based in Darwin for just a few days, then this is my recommendation for how to see the best that Litchfield has to offer. 

Litchfield can be reached by driving south along the Stuart Highway to the Batchelor turn off. It takes about an hour and a half drive before you reach the first of the waterfalls.

You can then do a big loop inside the park and head back to Darwin via Berry Springs. I've done this a couple of times but as a local, I now prefer to zip down early in the morning to my two favourite spots, and be back again in Darwin by early to mid afternoon.

People forget that swimming, snorkeling, and the sun can take a bit out of you, especially if you're not used to it. This is how I enjoy a trip to Litchfield without exhausting everyone.

Magnetic Termite Mounds Litchfield NT

The Magnetic Termite Mounds

Not long after driving through the small town of Batchelor and officially entering the park, you'll come across the magnetic termite mounds. Make sure you stop.

This is a good place to stretch your legs, and there's some clean public toilets. It doesn't need to be a long stop. Follow the boardwalk and you'll see that photos don't do these termite mounds justice.

In the carpark is also a giant cathedral termite mound - it's well worth stopping just to take a selfie with this big fella. 

Buley Rockhole

My mate Keith from Sydney taking a cooling dip in Buley Rockhole
Buley Rockhole

After leaving the Termite Mounds, the next stops are Buley Rockhole and Florence Falls. 

There isn't any fancy footpaths to Buley Rockhole from the carpark. It's a lot of stone steps leading to these gentle cascading falls. I think this is part of the natural charm of most of the park  - and after all, isn't this why you've come to the NT?

These are naturally beautiful and relatively untouched. Depending on the time of year you visit, parts of Buley can feel like you in an infinity pool.

You will lose mobile phone coverage on the way to Litchfield. I've recently discovered there is mobile coverage in the car park area of Buley. Just a heads up though, it doesn't extend much further than the car park.

Florence Falls

Florence Falls before the new access ramps

Both a good and a bad thing about Florence Falls are the steps you have to deal with getting from the carpark to the falls. 

You will probably need to consider not to visit Florence Falls if you have people in your group with mobility or knee issues. There are a lot of steps down from the car park to the swimming area at the bottom of the falls. If this is the case, my suggestion would be to head straight to Wangi Falls. Wangi is a good alternative for anyone with mobility issues.

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