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Last Updated: January 14, 2023

Here's our pick of the best Aquatic Apps Around

The cool thing about living in the 21st century is that there’s definitely “an app for that,” as a popular commercial once said.

No matter what your aquatic pleasure may be, let’s take a look at what we would call the “best of the best” in any given category of outdoors fun.


Some might sound a bit odd, but I assure you that they will enhance your experience. With the best tools becoming more accessible than ever with each passing season, it’s hard to keep up with what’s available.

That’s why I’ve made it easy and broken it down for you.

Click on the link below to take you to the App you're most interested in, or continue scrolling to read the entire article. 

Love Fishing? Try Fishbrain

Fly Fishing - Fishbrain App

Fishbrain provides maps of hot new fishing spots, shows you what’s biting & which bait to use.

Fishbrain is the ultimate App to enhance the inner angler in you. A lot of thought and effort has gone into developing this app which is one of the best available for Anglers worldwide.

The people at Fishbrain believe in fishing smarter, not harder. This App does all the hard work for you. It gives real-time updates, conditions, and catch data from fellow sporting adventurers. It's also your personal fishing diary, map and forecast in one great App.

Fishbrain is the largest social network and utility app that lets you connect with other Anglers and share your catches. Over four million catches have been recorded in 1.7 million fishing locations around the world by users on the app. It allows anglers to give product reviews, which will help you find your perfect rig.

With Fishbrain, you get fishing before you go fishing, giving you a head-start on the competition, both human and fish! 

It means all you have to do is fish.

Doing some Diving? Then the Deepblu App is for you

Join the fastest growing online Scuba community with the Deepblu App

Deepblu began with its in-house COSMIQ line of dive computers, and from there has branched out to become the fastest-growing online community for divers and ocean enthusiasts.

Using the Deepblu App, both scuba divers and free divers can interact, find dive spots, join groups and discussions and as of 2019, even book their next diving experience!

With the largest database of information available, Planet Deepblu gives up-to-date, unbiased information from others in the Deepblu community. The Planet Deepblu feature places all of the dive spots onto an interactive map, gives comprehensive information on dive regions, and allows travelers to find and chat with Dive Shops in the region they’re headed to.

Deepblu Cosmiq+ – This Dive Computer Syncs Using Bluetooth

Windy - the Best App to watch windy weather!

Surfing App

Windy is a great App tool not just for surfers, but anyone living on islands or on shorelines.

Windy is probably the best app, and certainly the most beautiful, for keeping an eye on the weather. This App is continually updating and has become the best go-to place to find current information on tides, wave swells, winds (an obvious one), and great locations for all kinds of water sport activities.

Whether you're keeping an eye out on potential severe weather, or tracking a storm, Windy provides the most up-to-date weather forecast available. This App is free and without Ads and provides better features than most of the paid-for Apps.

It has a handy chat feature that allows users to chat with the locals and get the story from the ground before they head out into the water. This App is not just for surfers, it's a useful weather tool for anyone living on islands and shores. As well as wind, it also provides information on temperature, humidity, rain, snow accumulation, plus observed weather from around the world.

With Windy, you have more information at your fingertips to make better decisions.

Start Sailing with the Skipper App

Best Sailing Apps

2 great apps for boating enthusiasts are Skipper Marine Log Book & Navionics.

If you love sailing or boating, get your bearings straight with Skipper. This Apple App comes with a great user interface and all of the data that you need for smooth sailing.

Skipper lets you to automate your marine logbook, and keep a permanent record of your sailing or boating activities. The Skipper App helps you find your location, plot your course, and always stays up to date with your exact coordinates. In addition to these features, the App allows users to keep track of your speed and the distance traveled.

Skipper App automatically stores all your trips so you can access your entire sailing and boating history from your device. This makes it easy to measure and review your sail performances over time. Skipper has great maps, satellite views and the ability to share to Facebook, Twitter, etc. all directly from your phone.

Skipper is currently only available on Apple devices.

Navigate with Navionics

You won't be lost at sea with Navionics. This App has all of the features you’d normally find in high-end navigation devices. With Navionics, you can access daily and hourly forecasts, as well as the latest wind, weather buoys, tide and currents information.

Chart your course, and compare it with the most up-to-date GPS tracking satellite data. With this App you can also track depths, so you'll never be scraping the bottom.

Sign up now for a free 2-week trial of Navionics

Paddle Longer with the Paddle Logger App

Paddle Logger App for SUPs

Track your trip with the Paddle Logger App

If it’s done with a paddle, this is the App to track it. Paddle Logger begins tracking your activity with the push of a button, allowing you to go ahead and enjoy the ride. Simply cruise along while the App tracks your trip, records everything to an in-app digital logbook, and syncs information to your Apple Watch.

With the App, you can drop pins and monitor how your pace has changed throughout your travels. When you’re done, upload your pictures to the Trip Photo Gallery.

Paddle Logger is currently only available on Apple devices.

Whitewater Kayak Community App washes over its competition

Whitewater Kayak

Connect with other kayakers with Whitewater Kayak Community App

There’s nothing better than the rush of the rapids, and with the Whitewater Kayak Community will connect you to others who know that as well. 

When you’re linked up to the free Whitewater Kayak Community App, you can find the best spots, and share your stories, photos and videos from your journey with like-minded adventurers. 

This App is also a marketplace. When you’re browsing for new information or regional rapids, you can also find deals on new and used kayaks, gear, and other tools for the aquatic outdoor adventurer.

The app gives you access to Mountain Buzz forums where you can post questions, upload photos, and let other kayakers know what you are up to. You can also get the latest flows information on weather conditions and regional rivers, and meet other kayakers online.

No matter your choice of aquatic activity, make sure to be on the cutting edge and impress your friends with these apps. After all, these days it’s not the cool sunglasses that makes you the talk of the beach, it’s what’s in your pocket.

About the Author

Todde Allen Williams is an International Travel Journalist and Editor of Editor of Goat Magazine and Deepblu. You can see more at https://medium.com/@toddeallenwilliams

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About the Author

Todde Allen Williams

Todde Allen Williams is an International Travel Journalist and Editor of Editor of Goat Magazine and Deepblu.

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