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Last Updated: January 11, 2024

Do you need a Snorkel Vest?

Are you planning on going snorkeling on your next beach vacation? If so, it's important to consider wearing a snorkeling vest for a safe and enjoyable experience.

A snorkeling vest is a buoyancy aid that can provide extra flotation, allowing you to conserve energy and stay afloat effortlessly while exploring the underwater world. It is a simple yet effective piece of equipment that can make all the difference, especially for beginners or those who are not strong swimmers. 

Inflatable snorkel vests that are comfortable - snorkeling

Are you planning on going snorkeling on your next beach vacation? If so, it's important to consider wearing a snorkeling vest for a safe and enjoyable experience. A snorkeling vest is a buoyancy aid that can provide extra flotation, allowing you to conserve energy and stay afloat effortlessly while exploring the underwater world. It is a simple yet effective piece of equipment that can make all the difference, especially for beginners or those who are not strong swimmers. 

What are Snorkeling Vests?

Snorkeling vests are a must-have piece of gear for any avid snorkeler. These vests provide extra buoyancy and can help keep you afloat effortlessly while you explore the underwater world.

They are typically made of neoprene or nylon material and come in two primary types: inflatable and foam. Inflatable snorkeling vests feature a bladder that can be filled with air, either manually or using a CO2 cartridge, while foam snorkeling vests are made of foam and do not require inflation.

Both types of snorkeling vests are designed to keep you safe and comfortable in the water while exploring the ocean's beauty.

There are two primary types of snorkeling vests available: inflatable and foam.

Inflatable vests use a bladder that can be filled with air, either manually or with a CO2 cartridge, to provide extra buoyancy. These vests are often adjustable to ensure a proper fit and can be deflated for easy packing and storage. 

Foam vests, on the other hand, are made of buoyant foam material and do not require inflation. These vests are typically more durable than inflatable ones and can provide a more secure and stable feel. Both types of vests offer similar benefits and are an excellent choice for snorkelers of all skill levels.

Snorkel Vests
Wildhorn Outfitters Jetty Snorkel Vest and V2 Full Face Snorkel Mask

Why use a snorkeling vest?

Safety Benefits of wearing a Snorkeling Vest

Snorkeling is a fun and exciting activity, but it can also be risky, especially for those who are not strong swimmers or inexperienced. That's why wearing a snorkeling vest is crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience.

These vests provide extra buoyancy and lift, allowing you to stay afloat without exerting too much energy or risking drowning. Not only that, but snorkeling vests also offer additional safety features such as reflective strips and emergency whistles, making it easier for rescue teams to locate you in case of an emergency. If you're looking for an easy and effective way to ensure your safety while exploring the underwater world, then a snorkeling vest is a must-have.

Enhance your Snorkeling Experience

Wearing a snorkeling vest offers several safety benefits. These vests can help reduce the risk of drowning, especially for beginners or those who are not strong swimmers.

Snorkeling vests provide extra buoyancy and lift, allowing you to conserve energy and stay afloat effortlessly while exploring the ocean's beauty. This added buoyancy can also help you maintain proper body positioning, reducing the risk of cramps or muscle strain. Additionally, snorkeling vests often come with reflective strips and emergency whistles, providing additional safety measures in case of an emergency.

Protecting Marine Life

Protecting marine life is an essential aspect of snorkeling, and wearing a snorkeling vest can help you do just that. By providing extra buoyancy and lift, snorkeling vests can help you avoid contact with fragile coral reefs and marine life. This can help protect delicate ecosystems and preserve the beauty of the underwater world.

If you're an environmentally conscious snorkeler, wearing a snorkeling vest is an excellent way to enjoy the ocean while minimizing your impact on marine life.

Even experienced swimmers and snorkelers wear snorkel vests, as it extends the time they can spend in the water without getting tired. 

#1 - SeaView180 Palawan Snorkel Vest 

Best on Price, Comfort and Style

Wildhorn Jetty Snorkeling Vests

Front View

SeaView 180 Snorkel Vest - Back View

Back View

Snorkel Vest Side View

Side View

SeaView180 Palawan is an adjustable vest made from durable premium materials suited to snorkeling, swimming and other low impact water sports.

When wearing a quality snorkel vest such as the Palawan, means that you don’t have to fight to stay in the position you want, whether you are actively snorkeling or resting in the water.

The secure lock valve is positioned so you can adjust your buoyancy at any time. The valve is easy to open and close, and only takes seconds to inflate or deflate.

If you want less buoyancy, unlock the valve and press down to let air out. This is perfect if you want to dive to get a closer look at the marine life.

Once you're back on the surface, you can inflate the vest in seconds to your desired buoyancy level.

Wildhorn Jetty Snorkeling Vests

How comfortable are these and do they 'ride up'?

This snorkel vest is designed to keep you upright and stable when in the water. It's comfortable and one of the most compact snorkel vests on the market.

It has been designed specifically to fit snugly around the waist so it doesn't ride up. It has a single sided entry point which makes it easy and quick to get on and off.

SeaView Palawan - How to pick the correct size

The vest is available in 4 sizes. They have a large hook & loop secure pad as well as easy-access adjustable side and shoulder straps for a fully customized fit.

How to measure for a snorkel vest - size chart

With the Palawan Vest you can be safe and look great at the same time. The vest has been designed to tighten snugly around your waist to avoid riding up, rather than using an annoying crotch strap.

If you experience a problem that is a result of defect in materials or workmanship, SeaView warrants your Palawan Vest for the lifetime of the product and will repair or replace it at no charge. 

Warranty does not apply to damage resulting from impact, misuse, abuse, accident, negligence, or normal weather wear and tear. 

Wildhorn Jetty Snorkeling Vests

#2 - ScubaPro Snorkel Vest

The safety vest is made from 1/8" Neoprene. This adds some warmth while not compromising on comfort when snorkeling in warmer water.

This vest has a quality zipper on the left-hand side with a Velcro strap piece to keep the zipper closed and locked in position. There's a pocket for storing personal items. Keys etc. can be slipped inside a zip-lock bag and placed inside the vest pocket for added security. 

The ScubaPro vest offers a good fit and is much more stylish than most other options available on the market. Using this vest will improve your enjoyment of snorkeling allowing for longer swimming periods before resting.

This vest comes in either Hi-Viz orange or Hi-Viz yellow with a dark colored back piece. Having this back piece will provide some protection from over-exposure to the sun. If for any reason you need to rest or float on the surface, people generally turn over and float on their back, making the fluorescent front side of this vest very easy to see.

ScubaPro Snorkel Vest

What others are saying:

Snorkeling and swimming in 50 ft. deep water after being beaten down by a couple of waves can be tough.

I feel SO much more confident in going out on the water with this snorkel vest.

Click the button below to see the price on Amazon.

How comfortable are these and do they 'ride up'?

Generally, these do not ride up at all while snorkeling.

Some people have mentioned that it feels like it rides up slightly when inflated and floating. This seems to depend on the fit though. If it does ride up a little, it's not enough to bother most people - this is just something to be aware of. 

When comparing to other snorkel vests that have the strap that runs from the back of the vest to the front of the vest between the legs, many people complain these are just as uncomfortable.

The reality is, we're talking about snorkel vests. The ScubaPro Snorkel vest is one of the most comfortable, but it's still a snorkel vest - and there's always going to be a small number of people who just don't like the feel.  

Scubapro - How to pick the correct size

These are adult sized vests.

Measure your waist and check this measurement against the sizes below. If your measurements fall between these sizes, then make sure you order the next size up.  

  • X-Small - Waist 24 to 27 inches (61 cm to 68.5 cm)
  • Small: Waist 27 to 31 inches (68.5 cm to 78.5 cm)
  • Medium: Waist 31 to 35 inches (78.5 cm to 89 cm)
  • Large: Waist 35 to 39 inches (89 cm to 99 cm)
  • X-Large: Waist 39 to 43 inches (99 cm to 109 cm)
Scubapro Snorkel Vest
Scubapro Cruiser Snorkeling Vest Black andYellow

Initially, the vest may feel tight or that there's not a lot of room but once you are in the water and have it inflated, it is true to size. If you're a larger chested lady, you may want to go up an extra size.

#3 - Promate Snorkel Vest

The Promate Snorkel Vest is ideal for new snorkelers. This vest has an adjustable waist band and crotch strap for a secure fit. The waist and crotch straps are squeeze-style" side-release buckles.

The snorkeling vest is built-to-last. It's made from durable 420-Denier material with an EVA coating. The vest is inflated by blowing into the tube.

This vest comes in hi-viz fluro yellow or orange, and is available in a Small, Medium and Large sizes.

Promate Snorkel Vest for Adults

The Promate Snorkel vest is also available as package deals with snorkeling gear. Click the button below to see the selection at Amazon. 

#1 for Small Children - Limmys Swim Vest for Children and Toddlers

Limmys Kids Snorkel Vest - Blue
Limmys Kids Snorkel Vest - Pink

If you're looking for a way to gift your kids a valuable life skill while also ensuring their safety and comfort, Limmys snorkeling vests has you covered. With their swim vests, your toddlers and young children can gain confidence in the water and have fun while learning a skill that will benefit their health and enjoyment of life.

Designed by parents for parents, Limmys swim vests are developed with safety, warmth, and comfort in mind. Their unique design includes an added strap that secures under the child's crotch, ensuring that the vest stays in place and adding to the product's safety. The zip is also extra strong, ensuring that it can withstand multiple uses.

As not all little swimmers are the same, Limmy's provide helpful photos to assist you in choosing the right size for your child. It's important to note that their swim vests are buoyancy aids, not life vests. Adult supervision is always required.

Limmys has been supplying quality kids' products for years. Their focus is on functionality, affordability, safety, and fun while learning. They prioritize customer happiness and maintain a 100% seller rating score. 

General Snorkel Vest Care and Maintenance

All equipment or clothing used in salt water needs to be rinsed in fresh water and allowed to dry between each use. Do not leave it out in the sun for long periods. As with all Neoprene products, you can place the vest in the sun to dry for short periods, but it should be stored for longer periods in a ventilated, shaded area.

If you forget to rinse it off after swimming, salt water will cause the product to smell. If this happens, there are specialized products available to get rid of the odor.

Snorkel for newbies

The Verdict?

The benefits of wearing a snorkeling vest are numerous, including increased safety, enhanced mobility, and protection for marine life.

When choosing a snorkeling vest, it's important to consider factors such as fit, buoyancy, and material to ensure that you select a vest that meets your specific needs and preferences. Popular brands and models such as SeaView, Scubapro, and Promate offer a range of high-quality vests suitable for a variety of conditions. 

Proper maintenance and care of your snorkeling vest can ensure that it continues to provide you with a safe and enjoyable snorkeling experience for many years to come. We hope that this guide has been helpful in providing you with the information you need to select and use a snorkeling vest effectively and responsibly. Happy snorkeling!

Aaron Bailey

"I bought a snorkel vest to relax and not have to worry when I'm a mile offshore and have been swimming for an hour or more checking out cool coral reefs, schools of fish and / or Leopard Sharks. 

Let me just say, it does EVERYTHING I want it to."

Wondering how to take your Snorkeling to the next level?

Full face masks hit the snorkeling market a few years ago and they continue to improve each year. Full face masks take a lot of the negatives out of snorkeling. There's no more jaw fatigue and no gagging on a snorkel mouthpiece. 

If you want to enjoy snorkeling then the next step is to invest in a full face mask. I can't recommend these highly enough. It's a game changer!

What to find out more? Have a look at the best quality and most popular full face snorkel masks here.

Full Face Snorkel Masks
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Sharon McKenzie is an Advanced Certified Scuba Diver who loves to explore the ocean depths. She is an advocate for marine and eco conservation, promoting sustainable products. In her free time, Sharon also enjoys paddleboarding and snorkeling. She has two upcoming diving expeditions to Bali and the Great Barrier Reef, which are destinations she has always wanted to explore.

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    Well I can’t agree more everybody needs a snorkeling vest, especially if you’re a beginner, you put some great product, I due to purchase my new one, I definitely give it a try!

  • My wife and I bought 2 of these for our trip to Fiji. Neither of us had ever snorkeled before and we wanted a little bit of extra protection.

    They worked perfectly and the fit and finish were superb. I was able to use various levels of flotation assistance as I learned to snorkel.

    After several days I was only using a small amount of air but it was good to know that I had it in case of emergencies. Totally recommend this product to new and experienced snorkelers alike.

    Excellent vest to use in the open ocean.

  • Excellent vest to use in the open ocean.

    The Scubapro Snorkelling Vest is great for snorkeling, especially in the open ocean. I used it when traveling to the Caribbean. Waves were 1-3 feet and having this on gave me extra confidence in the deeper water. It fit better than the ones provided by the resort. Plus the neoprene protects your back while facing down int he water from the sun.

    The vest fits very comfortably. You almost forget it is on. The only drawback was it is a bit pricey. But great safety device to ensure you are safe while having fun.

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