Subea Easybreath Full Face Snorkel Masks

Get your family set for the best snorkeling experience on your next holiday with full face snorkel masks. 

Subea Easybreath masks are shipped Australia wide from Sydney. Keep scrolling to find out the advantages of full face snorkels. 

What's so Good about Full Face Snorkels?

Subea Australia FFSMs

Full face snorkel masks have really gained in popularity around the world over the few years. I discovered these by accident around 4 years ago when I bought one each for my two teenage sons. Before this, they both loved swimming and snorkeling but didn't enjoy the drawbacks of regular masks and snorkels. 

The constant leaking and fogging up annoyed them. It really took a lot of the fun out of snorkeling for them, and for me. I just wanted them to have a good snorkeling experience.

Often we'd end up using our regular set of goggles and masks. Full face masks have become a game-changer for snorkelers.

Quite simply, these make snorkeling relaxing and enjoyable again. A lot of the annoying little things about snorkels are no longer an issue.

Advantages of Full Face Snorkels

Many people find that traditional masks and snorkels are annoying or uncomfortable.  

Full face masks make snorkeling more enjoyable as there's no snorkel mouth piece to gag on or clamp down on. Biting down on the snorkel causes a lot of people to have a sore jaw or teeth after only a short time snorkeling. 

Others find salty water going into the tube and mouth is just plain annoying. Full face masks keep the water out. If any water does accidently enter the tube, it's channelled away from the face and to the chin area. As soon as you lift your head out of the water, it runs out through a valve at the chin.

How good is that?! Personally, I think it's great!

Easybreath Snorkels

Easybreath are continually testing and improving their masks since the first release in 2014. Subea Easybreath have a range of full face masks for adults and kids in lots of different colours, so you're sure to find one to suit.

Subea Easybreath Adults and Kids sizes

The benefits of full face snorkel masks:

Easy to breath

no fogging

elasticised straps

dry top snorkel tube

no more leaking

Drains away from the face

wider field of vision

no more sore jaw

Video - Subea Easybreath Mask

The video is approximately 1 minute long.

The Subea Easybreath Snorkel Range

The Subea Easybreath & Easybreath 500 Snorkel Masks

Subea Easybreath FFSM

An advantage the Easybreath masks has over most of its competitors is an orange fluorescent tip on the end of the snorkel piece. This helps other water users see snorkelers in the water far easier than other masks.

The Subea Easybreath masks come with a hypoallergenic silicone face skirt. The air valves provide good air flow, circulating more fresh air.

The latest models also have an improved Secure Lock Snorkel with the Dry Freak O-ring. The snorkel piece will never accidentally release, and the O-ring has a 6 year life cycle. The spare ring is included in case the original ring gets damaged or lost.

The lens and snorkel tube of the Easybreath masks is made of 100% Polycarbonate Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, with a 100% silicone skirt. The frame is made with 100% Polypropylene.

You do need to take care not to accidently scratch the lens. If the mask is left face down on a hard surface or sand, it may scratch. 

What is the Easybreath Lacking?

Subea Camera Mount

Personally I think one of the things that Subea missed the mark on is their camera mount accessory.

Many full face snorkel masks come with a camera mount that is built in on to the top of the head section of their masks. Subea have tried to compensate for their model not having this in its design. Their camera mount accessory piece slides over the snorkel and hangs over the top section of the face mask. 

Not only does this impact on your view, but it can cause minor scratches on the lens.

You can see the Subea camera mount accessory (left hand image below) hangs low over the mask in comparison to the Ninja Shark built in camera mount (image to the right). The Subea camera mount is an additional accessory, whereas the Ninja Shark mask comes with all you need to mouth your action camera onto the face mask.  

Subea Camera Mount

Subea Camera Mount Accessory

Seaview 180 Camera Mount

Other snorkel masks built-on camera mounts

The mask has the dry-top anti-leak tube system with two floating balls in the snorkel tube. These stop water from entering your mask. The balls automatically seal the snorkel mask's air valve, making it impossible for water to get inside.

The other recent improvement to this mask is the sizing. This now comes in 2 adult sizes (see the size chart below). 

Size Chart - How to Measure for all Subea Easybreath Masks

Easybreath Size Chart

Important: Always measure in a straight line, and not over the nose.


With your mouth closed, measure from the bridge of the nose to the bottom of the chin.


If the measurement is less than or equal to 10cm (3.9 inches), then choose the X/S size.


If the measurement is 10cm - 12cms (3.9 -4.8 inches), then select the Adult S/M size.


If the measurement is greater than 12cm (4.7 inches), you can select the Adult M/L size.

Note: Subea are no longer making L/XL sizes. If you're concerned that the Adult M/L may be too small, then take a look at the Ninja Shark range of masks.

One of the main reasons that a mask will leak or fog is that you're not wearing the correct size for your face. 

As soon as your order arrives and is pulled out of the box, put it on and see if you can put a finger between your face and the seal around the chin area. If you can slip a finger in under this region, then the mask is too big and will leak and could possibly fog. 

Elastic Straps & Putting It On 

Easybreath snorkel mask

On traditional snorkel masks the straps are often thin and tend to get tangled and caught in your hair. The best way around this is to buy a neoprene cover for the straps.

The straps on the Subea snorkel masks are made from wide elastic, so they don't get tangled in your hair.

It may look tricky to get the mask on initially, but it won't take long before you get the hang of it, and they are very comfortable once they're in the correct position.

The tip to getting it on is, chin first! Simply pull the straps to each side and start with your chin, then pull the straps around to the back of your head. Take a couple of seconds to wiggle it into the most comfortable position.  

Compare Easybreath 500 & the Easybreath Masks

Subea have continually improved on their design. They have released new masks around every 2 years since they introduced their first one (branded as Tribord) in 2014. Have a look at the images below to see the minor differences in design between the newer Easybreath 500 and the previous model. 

The design changes most prominent between the two full face masks, are the shape of the snorkel piece and its fitting, and the shape of the chin valve. The side view shows that they remain almost identical with a flat lens, which is what gives these masks exception viewing. 

Subea Dark Petrol Blue
Subea FFSM
Easybreath FFSM Australia
Subea Easybreath Mask side view
  • The Easybreath Mask comes in 2 adult sizes and 4 colours. 
  • The Easybreath 500 Mask comes in 2 adult sizes and 4 colours. 
  • The Easybreath Kids Mask comes in one XS size and 2 colours. 

Currently all Easybreath masks are selling for the same price.  

How to prep your Kids to use this mask

Make sure your child practices with the new mask before heading out into open water. Start them off by standing in the water and slowly lowering their head until it's just under the water with 
the snorkel tube out the top.

It won't take them long to see they can keep breathing the same as they normally do.

This extra step takes a lot of anxiety away so they can start to relax and enjoy snorkeling with a full face mask more quickly.

Easybreath Masks XS for Children Aged 6 to 10 Years

Easybreath Kids XS Fluo Coral Orange
Easybreath Kids XS Torquoise Green

The Subea Easybreath comes in one XS size and 2 colours for kids. 

Children come in all shapes and sizes, so even though the big banner at the top says for children aged 6 to 10 years old, this really depends on the size of your child. There are big 5 year olds, and small 12 year olds that may fit the measurements of the XS mask. 

Frequently asked questions

How deep can you dive?

Full face snorkel masks are not made for Scuba diving, or Free Diving. They are designed for leisurely snorkeling near the surface of the water.

Most people with full face snorkel masks will only happily only dive around 1 to 2 metres.

Can you breathe underwater with these masks?

Yes, as long as the top of the tube is above the water.

This is a snorkel mask and not a scuba diving mask. As there is no oxygen source attached to the mask, you have to hold your breath once you submerge and the top of the snorkel goes below the surface.

As you submerge, the ball floats inside the snorkel rise and seal the tube so no water goes in. The ball floats drop as you reach the surface again, allowing air back into the tube.

Children's Sizes - How young is too young?

As we know, children come in all shapes and sizes.

These masks go by children's measurements, not by their ages. You may have a big 5 year old, or a small 12 year old. As long as their measurement from the bridge of their nose to the bottom of their chin fits within the Size Charts of the XS mask, then you should be good.

These look hard to put on. Are they?

These might look hard to put on, but you'll quickly become accustomed to putting them on and taking off with ease.

The trick is to pull the straps to either side and put them on CHIN FIRST. Then adjust the straps at the back of your head. Gently lift the mask slightly so it falls into a comfortable position on your face.

Make sure their is no fringe or hair caught between your face and the silicone skirt as this will cause a slow leak. 

What about beards and moustaches?

Regardless of whether it’s a traditional mask or any full face snorkel mask, water will leak in if there’s hair between the silicone skirt of the mask and your skin.

Beards create tiny spaces that will allow water to slowly seep through. The same applies with fringes.

Kids often forget to push longer hair out of the way when donning the mask. Make sure there is no hair between the skin and silicon skirt and this will avoid leaks and disappointment. 

The good news is, unlike traditional swimming masks, moustaches do not cause these masks to leak.

What about Shipping & Delivery?

Orders are packaged and shipped from Sydney, NSW using Australia Post. If you place your order before 12 noon (Sydney time), the order is usually packed and despatched that afternoon. You are provided with a delivery time estimate during the Checkout process.

Please note that some delays are still being experienced due to Covid. 

Decathlon offer free shipping for all orders over $120. They have a huge range of outdoors and sporting goods. Once you're on their online store, have a quick look around as you may find it easy to add an extra item or two to your cart to get the Free Shipping offer. 

The Conclusion

Subea released the first ever full face snorkel masks back in 2014 under the branding of Tribord. As a company, they continually put a lot of effort into redesigning and upgrading their masks. 

The Subea Easybreath is a good quality mask. Even if you buy the XS size, you'll find this will be good enough to pass down to siblings or cousins after your child outgrows it. I bought my first snorkel masks for my boys around 5 years ago now. My younger boy outgrew his XS size, but this mask is still in almost as good condition as the day it arrived. 

My older boy has the X/L mask which has a couple of scratches on the nose area, as boys will be boys. It just goes to show you do need to take care when storing. If you do, they will last a very long time. 

Easybreath FFSM

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