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Sharon McKenzie

Sharon McKenzie

Video Editor


Quick Drying Microfiber Beach Towels and Hair Wraps

To read more Dock and Bay Towels and Hair Wraps, click on the link below to see our full review.  

Dock & Bay Beach Towels

Having Fun in the Sun 

Darwin is a capital city like no other. 

Whether it's the monsoonal Wet Season, or the dependability of the tropical Dry Season, there's always something to do in Darwin., gateway to the Top End of Australia. 

Exploring Mataranka Hot Springs in Elsey National Park, Northern Territory

This 2 minute video is looking at Elsey National Park and Mataranka Hot Springs. We went early and the pools weren't over crowded, even though it was school holidays at the time. 

The full face snorkel masks shown in this video are a Ninja Shark Equaliser and a Ninja Shark Kids mask.  

Amazing Sunsets While Paddle Boarding on my Inflatable SUP

Have a look at these gorgeous sunsets that I was lucky enough to enjoy during the first couple of months after I started Stand Up Paddle Boarding. There are some absolutely spectacular sunsets in this lot.

Checking out the sunset from my Paddle Board

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