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Last Updated: May 2, 2023

Ninja Shark - Full face snorkel masks that take your snorkeling further

Following customer feedback on their previous full face masks, the team at Ninja Shark have developed and released a whole new range of products.

As well as the Equalizing Mask, Ninja Shark have a range of full face masks so you're sure to find one to suit you. 

It's not only seasoned snorkelers making the switch away from traditional snorkels to full face snorkel masks. Keep reading to find out why.

Ninja Shark Air and Ninja Shark Equaliser

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All the good things about full face Snorkel Masks

Ninja Shark Pink Equalizing Mask with GoPro Camera

easy breathing

The designs of full face snorkel masks means you breathe through both your nose and mouth at the same time. This is a very natural way of breathing and a big advantage over traditional masks where you breathe through the snorkel tube with your mouth only. 

no more gagging

As there is no mouth piece with full face masks, meaning also that there's no jaw fatigue even after hours of snorkelingClamping down on a snorkel tube for any period of time can produce jaw soreness.

No more fogging

Thanks to the clever design, there's no fogging with the Ninja Shark mask. All fogging takes place in the lower chamber of the mask, which is a completely separate area from the viewing area.

great vision

Full face snorkel masks boast a field of vision range of around 180°. This is broader than a standard snorkel or diving mask. There is some minor distortion on the very edges of the lens, which may look a little strange initially, but you quickly get used to this.

Elastic Straps, Putting it on, and the Dry Top Snorkel Tube

The straps of traditional snorkel masks tend to get tangled and caught in your hair unless you buy a neoprene cover. The straps on the Ninja Shark snorkel masks are made from wide elastic, so they won't get tangled in your hair.

It may look tricky to get the mask on initially, but it won't take long before you get the hang of it, and they are very comfortable once they're in the correct position. The tip to getting it on is, chin first!

These have nice wide Elastic Straps

The tube is known as a Dry Top snorkel. It has a plastic ball inside that rises up the tube as you submerge which blocks the tube, and effectively stops water from entering the snorkel. A big advantage of this type of snorkel is that you don't have to purge (blow hard) when you get back up to the surface to clear the tube of water. Yay!

Ninja Shark Snorkel Mask Equalizer in Pink

Also, full face snorkel masks have a drain valve located at the chin. If a small amount of water does get into the tube, this is drained away from your face and out through the chin valve as soon as you lift your head above water. 

Ninja Shark Dry Top Anti Leak Mask

Ninja Shark Air Mask for Adults

Ninja Shark Air Mask for Adults
Ninja Shark Air Mask for Adults - Breathing Mechanism
Ninja Shark Air Mask Breathing Tube

The main difference between the Ninja Shark Air and the other Ninja snorkel masks is the breathing mechanism.

With this mask, you inhale through the top tube and exhale through two valves at the side / bottom of the mask. This design means you’ll be blowing out lots of bubbles in the water as you breathe.

Some people love this, and it will really annoy others. It's a bit of fun and you do get used to it. The bubbles will follow you around on your adventures but they won't mess with your vision as they are redirected out sideways.

Ninja Shark Air Mask Flat Lens and Go Pro Attachments

The Ninja Shark Air Mask is 30% lighter than any other masks. There's no compromise on quality or its features, it's just less weight and easy to carry. This makes it great for backpackers and anyone who likes to take their mask away with them on holidays. 

This has the dry-top anti-leak tube system with two floating balls in the snorkel tube. These stop water from entering your mask. The balls automatically seal the snorkel mask's air valve, making it impossible for water to get inside. 

No more gagging, and no salty water wrinkling your lips. With this mask, you can float safely knowing that the bubbles will be around you but not in your mouth.

The Ninja Air mask has an anti-fog coating and the same flat lens as other Ninja Shark masks. This gives high quality, crystal-clear views with less distortion and the same 180-degree panoramic views of other masks.

The Ninja Air mask uses less complex technology than the Equalizer mask, making it lower in price.  

Ninja Shark website-wide 10% Discount Code - SEADRAGONLIFE

Ninja Shark XS Kids Masks

Ninja Shark Longer Tube Mask Blue
Ninja Shark Air Mask Kids Longer Tube Pink (1)
Ninja Shark Air Mask Kids Colors

Kids can find the traditional style of masks and snorkels uncomfortable. These fog and and it's hard to breath through the mouthpiece. Constant fogging up and leaking tends to annoy everyone.

For these reasons, many kids don't enjoy snorkeling as much as they should.  

Ninja Shark have two full face snorkel masks in a size XS. These are designed especially for children aged from 5 to around 11 years old. 

Children can now enjoy the more natural way of breathing with a snorkel mask using both their nose and mouth.

Tribord Easybreath Snorkeling

Tips to helping Kids adjust to Full Face Snorkel Masks 

Make sure kids practice before using properly. Start by standing and getting them to lower their head into water.

It won't take them long to realize they can keep breathing the same as they normally do.

This will take a lot of the anxiety away, so they can start to enjoy the fun of snorkeling. 

The Kids size is available in one main size (XS). The XS size is for the average sized child aged between 5 years old to around 11 years old

Note: if your child is bigger or smaller than average for their age, this will need to be taken into consideration when selecting a size. 

Ninja Shark website-wide 10% Discount Code - SEADRAGONLIFE

Ninja Shark Equalizing Mask - Best for those who love swimming deep

For most snorkelers, depth isn't an issue, but there are a few people who enjoy diving deeply when snorkeling.

This snorkel mask has a 'pinch your nose and equalize' capability. It lets you equalize the pressure in your ears which will make you feel more comfortable when diving deeper than 10 feet. 

The other recent improvement to this mask is the sizing. It can be a challenge to get the sizing right first go, for a range of reasons. This mask has a general one-size-fits-most which covers around 90% of snorkelers over the age of 12 years.

Ninja Shark Full Face Snorkel Mask - How to Equalize

The equalizing feature makes the Ninja Shark mask look different from most other full face snorkel masks. It has a nose section that you can squeeze. 

What is Equalizing and do I need it?

You know the feeling when you're sitting in the cabin of a pressurized plane, and you start to feel some pain in your ears as it starts to descend? You would normally hold your nose and gently blow to clear the tubes in your ears and equalize the pressure, and relieve the pain.

The same principle applies to Scuba divers and snorkelers. Due to the changes in pressure from the surface as you lower your depth in the ocean, Scuba divers need to learn how to to master equalizing as they descend. 

The need to equalize applies to any snorkeler who wants to swim deeper than around 10 - 12 feet. It may not sound very deep, but it's a decent depth and most leisurely snorkelers won't usually swim much deeper than this.

With the new version Ninja Shark Equalizing mask, you can now pinch and your nose for a proper equalization which relieves the pressure felt within your inner ears when diving deeply when snorkeling.

Video - Snorkeling with the Equalizing Mask

Click to play

If you know the Ninja Shark Equalizing mask is for you, click the Coupon below to copy the discount link.

Add the code during the Checkout process to get a 10% discount on the Ninja Shark Australia website. 

Ninja Shark not only ship to the US, Australia and NZ, but also worldwide.

Ninja Shark Website 10% Discount Code - SEADRAGONLIFE

Safe Storage - Ninja Shark Waterproof Dry Bag

Make sure your full-face snorkel stays safe and sound during your travels to and from the snorkel site. Don't risk scratches or damage to your gear - keep your belongings protected in a reliable storage option.

My top recommendation? The Ninja Shark Waterproof Dry Bag! This is an awesome bag designed to store and protect your mask, and gear. The last thing you want is to scratch the lens by not storing your gear in a good bag.

It's lightweight and easy to carry, perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities, not just snorkeling. It's durable and easy-to-carry. I love that it's completely waterproof, so I can take my phone, camera, and other valuables with me, without any worries. The adjustable shoulder strap is also very comfortable and can be easily adapted to fit my build. Plus, the extra-long and removable straps make transport and carriage a breeze.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding with Ninja Shark Dry Bag & Dock and Bay Towel

I find the backpack is just the right size, not too large and not too small. The roll-top sealing mechanism with a hardened buckle is an added bonus.

The backpack is made from a durable and resilient 500D PVC material, so I can trust it to keep my phone, cameras, and other valuables protected. The reinforced construction at all the stress points makes this backpack tough and able to hold weight well.

Overall, I'm really impressed with this backpack and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a durable, waterproof, and easy-to-carry option for any of their outdoor adventures.

Before your first snorkel - do this!

Before you start swimming with the fishes, you need to make sure your mask is crystal clear.

During production, a silicone film can develop on new lenses that makes them prone to fogging up. All you need is some plain white toothpaste (not the gel kind) or the Ninja Shark Anti-Fog Spray to get rid of that pesky film.

Just use your finger to rub it on the inside of the mask and outside of the lens, rinse it with warm water, and give it a good squeak test by running your thumb across the lens. With a little patience and TLC, you'll have a perfectly clean mask ready for your snorkelling adventure!

Ninja Shark Air and Ninja Shark Equaliser
Ninja Shark Air and Ninja Shark Equaliser

Our Conclusion?

Why choose Ninja Shark over other full face snorkel masks?

Ninja Shark have released a new range of full face snorkel masks and other snorkeling gear after listening to feedback from their customers. Ninja Shark are a family business who care about their customers and want everyone to enjoy their snorkeling experience.

For this reason, they listen, and are continually improving their range. 

They have full face snorkel masks, as well as family bundles that will save you money, and other swimming accessories. Personally, I enjoy swimming with their products, and their customer service is top-notch. 

Full Face Snorkel Masks

Ninja Shark Equalizing Full Face Snorkel Mask

Family Bundles

Ninja Air Bundle Blue

Goggles & Fins (Flippers)

Ninja Shark Traditional Snorkel and Mask

Other Accessories

Action Camera Explorer 4K - Ninja Shark

Click the Coupon below to copy the discount link. Add the promo code during the Checkout process to get a 10% discount on the Ninja Shark Australia website.

Ninja Shark ship worldwide. 

Ninja Shark Website 10% Discount Code - SEADRAGONLIFE

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