The Best Wireless Air Integrated Dive Computers in 2021

Last Updated On April 15, 2021
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We compare the Best Selling Dive Computers with Wireless Air Integration

Air integrated dive computers are becoming a very popular choice for Scuba divers. Ask around, and you'll find divers both for and against dive computers with air integrated capability.

Some divers prefer to keep it simple and believe it's just another thing that can go wrong.

While others love the freedom wireless AI gives them - a quick flick of the wrist during a confined wreck dive to show vital information, is want they want.


Whether you're looking to buy your first air integrated dive computer, or want to upgrade the one you have, our list below includes the top dive computers, all with wireless air capability.

Watch Sized Dive Computers

Click on the link below to take you directly to the dive computer you're interested in, or keep scrolling to see the features of them all.

Scuba Diving in Iceland

Do you need a dive computer with wireless Air Integration (AI)?

Remember, it's completely up to you on whether or not you want to include the option of wireless AI when buying a dive computer.

Dive computers and air transmitters can be purchased separately. 

This means that if your budget doesn't stretch to the full package now, or if you're unsure on whether you want an air transmitter, buying a dive computer with the option for AI means you can always add an air transmitter to your gear later on.  

Scuba Cave Diving

How do wireless dive computers work?

Air integrated diving computers monitor tank information such as air time remaining, bottom time remaining, and the current PSI reading.

Air transmitters are screwed to your first stage of your regulator. This is then paired wirelessly with your wrist mounted dive computer. Once paired, it sends all the vital information directly to your dive computer.

Some transmitters and dive computers only need to be paired the once. Others, such as the Suunto's may need to be re-paired if someone on your dive boat is using the same code. This doesn't take long to re-pair a Suunto, but it's good to know this could happen before you buy one. 

Suunto D6i Novo Stealth Zulu

Wrist Mounted Air Integrated Dive Computers

Below is our summary based on the price and functionality of the most popular wireless air integrated dive computers currently available.

All of these dive computers are good quality and reliable. It's really only a matter of picking the one with the features you want that's within your budget.

Watch Sized AI Dive Computers

Watch sized dive computers are more expensive than dedicated dive computers.

Aqua Lung i450T Air Integrated Dive Computer

Aqua Lung i450T Dive Computer
  • Recreational Dive Computer
  • Multiple gas capability - up to 3 Nitrox mixes (with 3 transmitters), each with individual PO2 set points.
  • Integrated digital compass. Features a North reference, return bearing lock, and declination adjustment
  • Automatic altitude adjustment
  • User changeable battery
  • Watch sized dive computer

Suunto D6i Novo Diving Computer with Air Transmitter

Suunto D6i Novo Zulu Black
Spearfishing with Suunto D6i Novo Black Stealth Zulu
  • Recreational Dive Computer
  • 5 Dive Modes - Air, Nitrox, Gauge, Free and Off
  • Gases switching - up to 3 Nitrox mixes
  • Integrated, tilt-compensated 3D compass
  • Steel case and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass
  • Watch sized dive computer
  • Battery is not user-changeable

These can easily pass as an everyday watch, and is priced around $1800 with a transmitter. Click the link below to see the current price and possible savings on Leisure Pro.

Click the link below to read a detailed review on the D6i Novo's features.

2021 Suunto D6i NOVO and Zulu – 5 Dive Modes including Freediving

Shearwater Teric Diving Computer with Air Transmitter

Teric Technical Dive Computer
  • Technical, Recreational and Free Diving Dive Computer
  • Gases: Nitrox and Trimix 
  • Optional Air Integration for up to 2 transmitters
  • Customizable 1.39" full color, high resolution easy-to-read display with deep blacks
  • One time pairing with Air Transmitter
  • Integrated, tilt-compensated 3D compass
  • Sapphire crystal window, and 316 stainless bezel and buttons
  • Bluetooth Smart technology, and wireless charging via docking station
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery & 3V CR2 Lithium battery for the transmitter
  • Shearwater outstanding customer service
  • Watch sized dive computer

Click the link below to read about the Teric's features and functions.  

Shearwater Teric AI Dive Computer – 5 Dive Modes including Freedive

Large (not watch sized) Air Integrated Dive Computers

Suunto EON Steel with Air Transmitter

Suunto Eon Steel
  • Technical Dive Computer
  • GASES: Wireless tank pressure readings from up to 10 Suunto Tank PODs 
  • Multi Gas, Trimix Decompression Computer
  • Integrated, tilt-compensated 3D compass
  • Rechargeable battery with 20 - 40 hours of dive time with one charge. 
  • Always-on LED backlight

This is a tough and durable dive computer with easy menu navigation. Priced at less than $1800 with air transmitter.

Shearwater Perdix AI Dive Computer with Air Transmitter

Shearwater Perdix AI Dive Computer
  • Technical & Recreational Dive Computer
  • 3 Gas Nitrox Recreational Computer
  • Multi Gas, Trimix Decompression Computer
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • One time pairing with Air Transmitter
  • Integrated, tilt-compensated 3D compass
  • Standard AA batteries for the dive computer & 3V CR2 Lithium battery for the transmitter
  • Shearwater outstanding customer service
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery & 3V CR2 Lithium battery for the transmitter
  • Shearwater outstanding customer service

The Shearwater Perdix AI has become one of the favorites of both Technical divers and Recreational divers alike.

Priced at around $1300 with transmitter.

Click on the link below to read more about the Perdix dive computers features and functions.  

2021 Shearwater Perdix AI – Bluetooth Ready, plus all the Bells & Whistles

Suunto Vyper Novo Dive Computer with Air Transmitter

Suunto Vyper Novo White
  • Recreational Dive Computer
  • Gases: Air & Nitrox
  • Integrated, tilt-compensated 3D compass

The Vyper Novo is priced at under than $1000 with transmitter.

Click on the link below to read more about the Vyper Novo's features and functions.  

2021 Suunto Vyper Novo & Zoop Novo – What are their main differences?

Aqua Lung i770R AI Dive Computer with Air Transmitter

Aqua Lung i770R lets you wirelessly manage your dive data and settings on your mobile device via the dive computer’s Bluetooth connectivity.

Following your dive, you can easily share your memories, photos, stats, and dive site on social media through the free DiverLog+ app.

Aqua Lung i770R Wireless Air Integrated Dive Computer with USB
  • Recreational Dive Computer
  • Multiple Gas capability & 4 operating modes: Air, Nitrox, Gauge and Free Dive
  • High-visibility Thin Film Transistor (TFT) color screen with easy-to-use interface
  • Bluetooth data transfer to the DiverLog+ app
  • One time pairing with Air Transmitter
  • Integrated, tilt-compensated 3D compass
  • Automatic altitude adjustment
  • Rechargeable battery

Last Updated on April 15, 2021

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  • Thank you for this content Ms. McKenzie. I’m a greenhorn diver and if you may; I have a couple of inquiries.
    1- How air integration works when there are multiple air tanks involved?
    2- Are air transmitters are standard? Or if I’m to buy myself an AI dive computer I need to get a regulator kit which will accommodate its distinct Air transmitter?

    • Hi Murat,

      You describe yourself as a greenhorn diver, so I feel the best way of getting you up to speed with the subject is to check out a few you tube vides. There are many that cover this subject.

      Here is a recent (February 2020) 14 minutes of you-tube video on Air Integrated Dive Computers that covers a lot of ground.

      Hopefully, this will answer all or most of your questions quickly


  • We were both extremely active divers but had a health set back about 20 years ago, and we had to put diving on the back burner.
    Fortunately, our problems are now behind us, so we are looking forward to getting back into some serious diving.

    BUT, like all things, we have found the world has almost passed us by with technology, and we feel fortunate to come across your blog, Jace. This has really given us so much information to get us up to speed quickly. Thank you.

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