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Last Updated On December 3, 2021

The most convenient spare air cylinder tank that you refill, not the dive shop.

You wouldn't skydive without a spare parachute, so why would you scuba dive without a spare cylinder? The Spare-Air 3000 Standard Kit is the answer for out-of-air scuba emergencies.

This is one of the smallest portable air sources available and is refillable from your own scuba tank. The Spare Air emergency air supply gives the peace of mind when there is no room for error.


Spare Air 3000 Cylinder Kit 1

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Why use a Spare Air Cylinder?

Spare Air should be a standard piece of scuba diving equipment for every safety minded diver. Spare Air is the preferred choice for professional and sports divers, and for a very good reason; it saves lives. This has been tested and approved by the U.S. Navy. This has been proven to be faster than buddy breathing and easier than an octopus.

Even if you never need to use it, it's always there as your backup. Spare Air cylinders will provide a limited number of breaths for an out-of-air emergency. These are suitable for relatively shallow dives without decompression. Nitrox Spare Air bottles are also available.

Spare Air 3000 Cylinder Kit

About the Spare Air Tank

The Spare Air is a light weight and compact tank. It's small enough that you don’t even notice you're wearing it. This is an air source that is fully redundant (meaning it's completely independent of any part of the main air supply system).

Spare Air is self-contained and completely user-refillable. It comes in two colors - yellow or black.

The tank holds 3.0 cubic feet of air and measures 4" x 6" x 14" inches (10.2 cm x 15.2 cm x 35.6 cm), and weighs 2 pounds (just under 1 kilo). This is great for traveling with and adds extra peace of mind when using rental equipment.

Spare Air refillable directly from your own Scuba Tank

What's included in the standard Spare Air Kit

Spare Air 3000 Cylinder Kit
Spare Air Cylinder - Safety Leash

The Spare Air Standard Kit comes complete with a holster and safety leash. This makes it easy to attach to your BC.

The safety leash will prevent loss of the tank if you should drop it accidentally. The leash gives you a quick retrieval if you accidentally drop the Spare Air tank.

The Yoke Refill Adapter is also included in the Spare Air Standard Kit. This allows you to easily refill the tank directly from your own Scuba tank.

There's no need to make an extra trip to the Dive Store to refill the Spare Air tank. Refilling directly from your own tank takes about 1 minute.

Dial Gauge - An add-on accessory worth considering

Spare Air Screw in Dial Pressure Gauge
Spare Air Screw in Dial Pressure Gauge s

The Dial Gauge gives reliable readings of how much air is in your Spare-Air in 200 psi increments with 1000 psi numerical readout.

This brass gauge is a popular add-on, and can be ordered already installed with the Spare Air Kit, or later at any time.

The Dial Gauge displays at a glance, easy to read Green for safe levels and Red if your cylinder is in need of a refill. 

Where to mount the Spare Air?

 The Spare Air tank can be mounted anywhere you have 2 mounting points. The covered holster makes mounting Spare Air easy. It quickly attaches or detaches for added safety.

The cylinder is small enough to fit into your BC so it will always be close at hand, yet still out of the way.

What others are saying on Amazon... 

This is a nice way to provide an extra margin of safety. Fits easily on my BCD strap for good access. I hope I never really need it, but it's a confidence booster to know it is there.

The Verdict?

Spare Air is a dependable, self-contained, refillable backup air system that's small and easy to use. Spare Air allows for minimal interaction with your diving buddy. It's faster than buddy breathing and easier than an octopus.

This is perfect for added safety for half the price of full regulator set up.

Spare Air 3000 Cylinder Kit 1

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